April 23, 2022

EP 284: The Brethren are LIVE (kinda)

EP 284: The Brethren are LIVE (kinda)

The Wrestling Brethren of Seth, Jarret and Josh are LIVE baby! Well... kind of. This episode was recorded live... with all three Brethren in the same room together! Schaumburg, Illinois hosts The Wrestling Brethren Podcast on April 21, 2022 - and it was Jarret's birthday! On this episode, we get into the news of the week and had some opinions to share.


1. Theory wins the United States title from Finn Bálor
+ April 18 episode of RAW.
+ Theory has defeated Bálor several times.
+ This one match spawns a few other topics…

2. Vince McMahon has put out a ring name edict. Except for a few stars and special cases - no more real names.
+ Theory
+ Raquel Rodriguez 

3. How do you watch WWE programming?
+ WWE seems to do certain things at certain times that fans have been clamoring for - but if it’s not “your guy” or “your girl” - are you still complaining?

4. Is Cody the Guy to dethrone Roman?

5. Forbidden Door PPV
+ June 26th
+ United Center in Chicago
+ Dream matches?