July 13, 2022

EP 292: Mickie James, News, and MITB Review

EP 292: Mickie James, News, and MITB Review

Wrestling News of the Week

  • Calling out Mickie James
    - “Original Ideas” for AEW
    - Blood ‘n Guts
    - Royal Rampage
    - Uh… WarGames + Royal Rumble
    - The only difference with Royal Rampage is it was in two rings because of the Blood ‘n Guts match on Dynamite.
  • Wardlow is the new TNT Champion
  • ROH’s next PPV: Death Before Dishonor XIX
    - July 23, 2022
    - Claudio Castignoli was to debut here
    - Add to Predictions?
  • Backstage Update on Sasha + Naomi
  • Update on Bayley


For those of you who might think we cheated by not publicly announcing our predictions - we all went 3-3; so … no we didn’t cheat.

  • Liv Morgan wins Women's MITB
  • Bobby Lashley def. Theory to win U.S. Title
  • Bianca Belair retains RAW Women's Title vs. Carmella
  • The Usos retain Undisputed Tag Titles vs. Street Profits
  • Ronda Rousey def. Natalya to retain Smackdown Women's Title
  • Liv Morgan successfully cashes in on Ronda Rousey to become Smackdown Women's Champion!
  • Theory wins Men's MITB

[episode recorded on July 7, 2022]